sobota, 31 października 2009


Oszczędne do przesady, pracowite, muzykalne,

Swoją życiową postawą, istoty muzealne.

Wspaniali to ludzie o wszechstronnych talentach,

Że nie dochodzą do celu, to sprawa niepojęta.

Tchórzliwe to osoby z podkładami dobroci,

Niestety często zły los im figle psoci.


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I think that our existence in a philosophical/cosmic sense is meaningless. Compared to the history and the dimension of the universe we humans are nothing. Because of that we shouldn’t take ourselves so damn seriously. If we could do this our lives would be 100% more tolerable. 

I have always been writing, painting, drawing and talking to myself. My work is very diverse from conceptual projects, video-art, installation, abstracts, collages, till surreal/ fantasy paintings. Most of my paintings have been sold to private collectors and to order, approximately 162 works in total to 77 collectors, three art galleries and the Museum of Fine Art in USA. But I don't think about myself as an artist. Michelangelo Buonarroti, he was a real artist. Most of us  so called 'artists' are only creative people. Nothing more and nothing less.